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Know the amazing factors of Coworking Spaces

Coworking is a recent idea creating common working spaces for the purpose of official work by separate individuals or employers in the same premises. This means that in a coworking space, employees of many different organizations use working spaces in the same arena. This invests in coworking space with qualities of both work and community. Many companies in the business of building working environment furnish it with state of the art furniture and the basic amenities.

BridgeWorks is a coworking space company offering fabulous coworking spaces on renting Long Beach, New York, North America.  BridgeWorks offers for hire complete offices, individual workstations, virtual addresses, and networking events. The members can book conference rooms in advance according to their requirement. The amenities available with the coworking area includes conference rooms, high-speed Wi-Fi, printing, coffee, dedicated parking spaces and all the other utilities. BridgeWorks has prepared following types of packages or memberships: daily and weekly passes, basic membership, unlimited coworking membership, and dedicated desk.

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BridgeWorks provides a Day pass at $45 and a Week pass at $175. These are one time passes and enable members to work for a day or a week respectively from 9 am to 5 pm during weekdays. These members can operate from any kind of space within the building. These include open coworking space, lounge, café, or worktables. But, the members will be charged an additional fee of $25 for getting access to the conference rooms.

Basic membership is available for an amount of $45. This facilitates the people who do not require coming to the office regularly, but, wanting a dedicated workspace for their usage. These members can utilize the office space according to their needs and also have meetings on the premises with all the facilities. They also get the benefit of getting the access to the company’s virtual community and mobile app; also you can reach them via .

Unlimited coworking space can be availed for $450 a month. This is appropriate for members who work a lot but do not need a dedicated workspace. The membership encompasses the complimentary use of conference room for six hours. The members can book private conference rooms and meeting spaces when it is desirable to them.

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Dedicated desks can be rented for $650 a month and provide more solitude as compared to open coworking spaces. This membership provides hand-crafted desks, where members can leave monitors, workspace items, file cabinets, etc., in their lockable rooms. This package encompasses no hour restriction and complimentary six-hour use conference rooms.

BridgeWorks arena has two buildings with office spaces that are obtainable in different packages on the monthly and daily basis. This releases the hiring parties from the financial load of an office lease. The company or the individual contracting the space can revoke the lease or enhance the space according to the work necessities. There is no constraint of any type of long-term agreement.