Key to New York LLC Publication

An LLC requires a publication of their firm after the articles of organization process. A New York LLC should publish specific information related to their firm in a small and simple notice in two newspapers. The address mentioned in the notice to be address present in document i.e. main company address. Using New York certificate of publication services, you can publish your company in the New York with its applied agent utilities. Follow the steps for certificate of publication of your LLC.

New York LLC Publication

  • Enroll your LLC in New York Secretary of State

This is finished registering the New York articles of formation through mail, online, fan or in personal. Formation and filing of new LLC requires fee for creating and qualification of it in New York. This can be less by online service. is a secure and experienced online  resource useful in publishing laws for many firms. With this service, you can save money and time. Online filing is processed in a day with no extra fee. If your LLC is already created in LLC or enrolled as foreign LLC in New York, you require to modify the address for utility of process called as changing your enrolled agent. This is processed by applying a Certificate of Amendment form with Secretary of State by mail or personal or fax. It also requires fee which is less than formation fee.

  • Publishing a notice in newspaper

When the articles of organization finishes, you will be efficient and can begin publication. This should be done in 120 days. You are supposed to publish a small notice including firm information and main address several times in the given duration. The publishing should be in two newspapers. The notice should also have articles of company, name of firm, date of filing and firm reason and any other information.

  • Certificate of Publication

The newspaper publisher will give you the affidavit of publication after six weeks. It is a testimony of your LLC publication. This document with new york certificate of publication is filed in Secretary of New York State. Certificate of Publication is a short form which must be filled in few minutes by you. Ensure to have right kind of publication document as there are Certificate of publication foreign and domestic forms. File the publication documents with fees to operate on the certificate of publication. It takes seven days by the state to complete the procedure.

  • Register a certificate of amendment

If you want to keep your enrolled agent for resource of activities in New York then it costs you  a fee for a year. They will submit your documents, give reminders, utilities for procedure of filing, and can approach the agent and use forms of that state by online. If you want to end taking service from enrolled agent then change the service of activity by filing certificate of amendment for your address. It is a simple process which takes few days and save your money for its fees through online enrolled agent for your LLC publication.

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