Karat Coin Bank (KCB) launched in 2018 – A short overview on the Cryptocurrency

Karat Coin is a crypto coin which is based on blockchain technology which is physically linked to the deposited gold and when the coin is directly linked with the definite weight of gold, it is known as CashGold. A definite number of KaratBank coins are allowed to be exchanged in lieu of CashGold at any specific time. For a layman, the crypto coins can be leveraged in the form of electronic payment for all who are aware of the fact that gold is a secured, true, and conventional and it is also a medium which is value-stable. The best thing about the coin is that it can be easily exchanged for fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies throughout the world and the factor that it can be exchanged boosts its value.

Karat Bank Coin (Kcb) Launched In 2018

The KaratCoin Bank (KCB)

As per recent reports, the Karat Coin Bank owns a share capital of 100 million USD and it has earned a license to trade gold from one of the largest mines in Madagascar which is worth $900 million. The KaratCoin Bank is the first crypto service which is based globally and which leverages blockchain technology to its utmost in order to offer crypto banking services. As long as the KaratCoin Bank is concerned, there are a list of advantages for all sorts of associates and clients in the near future. They are:

  • A payment system based on Blockchain
  • It is an exchange system where you can exchange cryptocurrencies
  • It is helping in the development of KaratBank Business with cheaper and faster exchanged for the business
  • Perfect utilization of the gold mine
  • Better gold prices as compared to the competitors
  • Reduced annual fees for the account holders of KaratCoin bank for credit cards
  • Reduced transaction fees for bank accounts along with KaratCoin Bank

Benefits of this specific Blockchain bank

The Coin which comes from the world’s first Crypto Bank is going to definitely be the crypt bank for the near future as it is entirely covered by a newly developed and innovative blockchain technology. Here are the few benefits of this blockchain bank.

  • Transparent: As long as blockchain is concerned, all are allowed to see how and where gold is stored and the coin which is covered along with gold.
  • Decentralized: The exchange between Kombi Coins and Stable Coins can occur decentralized on Blockchain.
  • Comprehensibility: All sorts of gold moves can be tracked on blockchain

Any country is allowed to purchase stable coins from the central bank. However, in order to be able to do so, the nation should deposit few deposits from the respective stable coins keeping the gold as collateral. This is settled through a contract where the country transfers the property right to the central bank. The same amount of stable coins is transferred to the country and this can be sold off later on to the citizens.

Therefore, the development team of the project is upfront as it shares the list of the risks of the holder of KaratBank Coin which are going to be the face of the future. Due to the fact that the holding company is upbeat in nature, it will probably form new associations with the best media firms and marketing companies.