How To Simplify Your Dealings With The Movers

Dealing with movers can be nerve wracking. This is why it’s so much easier to move from one state to another when you have things planned out. Before you hire that mover, below are things you can do first.

Simplify your baggage. The less you have to move from your old home to your new one, the better your life would be. Sort your things, categorize them into things you must keep to things you can throw away or give away. This will also make things easier for you when you have to describe the items you need your movers to handle.

Ask for references. You don’t have to research about all the movers in your area. You just need to deal with the ones most of the people you know are recommending. You should have a shortlist of about five or six movers. Compare reviews about them to the packages and pricing schemes they offer. Make a systematic table of your comparisons. While this may seem like a lot of work, it will make your decision making a lot easier. Don’t forget to compare their liability insurance coverage.

Dealings With The Movers

Even before hiring moving companies, make a detailed inventory. It’s just so much easier to deal with movers when you know exactly what you are asking them to move. This will also protect you in case something goes missing or is broken when you are not watching them work. It will make claims easier. Some movers allow their clients to package the items themselves, giving them tips on how the items should be packed. However, you need to make sure you are not losing too much in terms of insurance coverage. At the end of the day, it might still be more advantageous to spend a little more on the full moving package.

Look at items you can transport yourself. If you minimize the amount of items you will need the movers to transfer for you, then you will end up spending less. There are items you should consider moving yourself. Some of them are heirloom jewelry or photo albums you simply can’t lose in transit. Your laptop and select pieces of clothing can also be transported in your car. You can also take with you essential items which you will need to operate just in case you will be reaching your new home before the bulk of your items do.

Read your contract very well. When you are not happy with your contract, you can always question a term or have it adjusted so it is fair for you too as a client.

Whatever happens, do not rush through your contract. Make sure you are only signing to terms you actually agree with. It is easier, in general, to deal with any mover when you know you are fully aware of their terms of service as well. Know your rights too just in case the mover you are dealing with fails to deliver his end of the deal.

When negotiating with movers, keep everything simple. From our end, as professional movers, we also keep it simple, with all terms in black and white and with 101% dedication to be of service to you.