How to Overcome Unemployment: Tips and Hints

In this article, we give useful tips on how to overcome and avoid joblessness. Also, we disclose interesting hints.

How to Overcome Unemployment

In the modern conditions, joblessness, being an integral part of the economic system requires the constant attention of the state, in the context of different ways to overcome it.

Overcome Unemployment

Increase of the Level of Skills in the Labor Market

  • Do not think that you need to look for a similar job. If you lost your job due to the fact that it has lost its relevance, it will be extremely difficult to find a similar position. This is your chance to improve your professional skills and move on to the next level.
  • Address to your local employment center. Such organizations tend to offer free resume writing services. “Write an essay for me” query however will lead you to services that offer custom writing for money(the quality is probably what you pay for). In addition, they provide information about job vacancies. We advise registering immediately after you lose a job and fully use the support in finding the new one.
  • Fill the gaps in education. This is a great time to obtain certificates or to increase the level of computer literacy. Enroll in appropriate courses and pass the appropriate training there. It helps you to increase your professional skills and be armed with the necessary tools to work.
  • Start the volunteer work for the sake of acquiring new skills or contacts. Staying busy is good but unpaid work will take a lot of time, which is required for a quality search of a job. The notable kinds of volunteer work, which you can point in your resume, are the ones that allow you to tie contacts in the business community, to produce something that you later can demonstrate as your result or help you to be a team leader.
  • Pay attention to the offered programs for people with disabilities in your area. If you cannot find a job due to the state of your health, look for a professional rehabilitation center. Probably you will be able to train for a new profession for free.

Freelance Job

  • Sign up for sites of freelance jobs. Even if you are not offered a high level of payment, sometimes these opportunities can close the gap in the period of searching for a permanent job.
  • Become an expert in your field. Find bloggers, speakers or writers of texts for the subjects in which you have deep knowledge. Trade journals and business companies are often looking for writers with technical knowledge and ability to write instructions, biography, e-books and so on.

Contacts Network

Contact with all your friends and acquaintances and ask whether they have information about the job that you are interested in. In such cases, they are sympathetic to requests for assistance, because the majority of them learn about the opportunities through their social network.

Also, you can join the professional community. Search for information on the Internet about communities available for you and take part in their activities. This allows you to meet with potential employers.

Fight Against Different Types of Unemployment

Different measures are used for different types of joblessness because they are caused by different reasons. There are measures, which are common to all types of joblessness:

  • Payment of joblessness benefits.
  • The creation of employment services (labor offices).

Frictional, Structural and Cyclical Unemployment

The specific measures to deal with frictional joblessness are:

  • The improvement of collection and provision of informational systems about the availability of job places.
  • The creation of special services for these purposes.

To overcome structural unemployment such measures are used:

  • The establishment of state services and institutions for retraining and training for a new profession.
  • Assistance for the private services of this type.

The main means to overcome cyclical unemployment are:

  • Realization of anticyclical policy to prevent deep recession of manufacture and, consequently, mass joblessness.
  • The creation of additional job places in this sector.

The Opportunities of the State Policy

It is necessary to realize fully the possibilities of the state employment policy.

Such effective policy helps to speed up the structural reforms in the natural economy, provides the growth of labor productivity, reduces social tension in society and preserves the “human capital.”

Activation of employment is possible by encouraging of enterprises, professional training and retraining of staff, the organization of public works as well as assistance in finding a job, especially for people experiencing specific difficulties with this case.

Providing Support for Enterprises and Small Business

Development of business is one of the most perspective directions in the fight against joblessness. Small businesses can create new job places and contribute to de-monopolization of the economy. They are also aimed at forming a new layer of civilized entrepreneurs.

Creation of one workplace in small business is in 7 times cheaper than in large-scale industry, as a small business is characterized by low capital intensity and higher labor-intensity in comparison with the large-scale production. Therefore, the state is profitable to invest their resources in the development of small businesses, which gives a fast return and increases the number of job places, tax revenues, etc.

It is necessary to take care of the state support of small business and to improve its regulation and protection, look after tax stimulation.

Social Methods Against Unemployment

The development of programs of public works is the social potential in the fight against unemployment. Community services should be used for the formation of the modern municipal services, its social, transport, road and environmental infrastructure.

Programs of public works development are social weapons to fight against lack of a job. The organization and financing of public works should be implemented in a targeted way through equal participation in their development and financial support of the regional and local authorities and the state employment service.

Active labor market policy requires activation of its every subject:  citizens without work, public employment agencies, employers, and trade unions.