How Industrial Floor Scrubber Hire Can Help Your Business

If you are involved in any sort of industry, then you’ll know how hard it can be to keep the facilities clean and well-maintained. The huge floor spaces, complex layouts, the amount of dirt to contend with and the small amount of time allotted for cleaning and maintaining the space make it difficult to keep everything at the required standard.

With such a formidable challenge ahead, you’ll need to be adequately equipped – with only a mop bucket, the task will be completely impossible. However, there are purpose-built tools that can help – like an industrial floor scrubber from Factory Cat. These tough, effective cleaning machines can scrub enormous stretches of floor, and they can be hired or leased for as long as 5 years, saving you money and providing you with a support network for your cleaning equipment at all times! If you’re facing the task of maintaining a challenging industrial environment, industrial floor scrubber hire can help you!

Industrial Floor Scrubber Hire

The Challenges of Industrial Floor Cleaning

In an industrial environment, the challenges to maintenance and cleaning are magnified far above those faced in retail or the private sector. High traffic, heavy machinery, large volumes of material flowing in and out of the facility, storage and other stressors make cleaning the facility a nightmare.

The main challenges faced in industrial floor cleaning are issues of space, time, volume and intensity.

The areas covered are large, and often encompass warehouses and other facilities with extremely large floor spaces. In these cases, manual cleaning would be impractical in any case, but in the case of industrial areas, these large spaces are often full of complex arrangements of machinery and materials, and the time which is set aside to clean and maintain them is often very short.

Lastly, the intensity of the cleaning is by necessity greater – in industrial zones, the higher traffic and nature of the industry often means that the floors simply become much dirtier than in other applications. The grime faced by a floor cleaner may even be more challenging in industrial environments – containing any number of constituents from the industrial process which make it harder to shift. Cleaning such large spaces so intensively by hand would be a colossal drain on your resources, your time and your workforce – clearly, a more industrially-suited maintenance solution is required.

Why Choose Industrial Floor Scrubber Hire?

Industrial floor scrubber hire provides a number of advantages over manual cleaning or buying a scrubber dryer. When you hire an industrial scrubber drier from Factory Cat, you’re hiring a machine made tough to American industrial standards, with multiple features built in to help it tackle the toughest, hardest jobs – from actuators that push the scrubber decks down harder against the floor, providing a more intensive clean that a pressure lever ever could, or a protective brush guard for the machine’s brushes, which shields it against accidental impacts and lets the operator work without undue fear of damaging the machine.

The main advantage of hire over purchase isn’t in the machines themselves, however – it’s in the maintenance and upkeep of them, which is your responsibility if you buy the scrubber and the hire agency’s responsibility if you hire it. If something should go wrong with a hired scrubber drier, all you need to do is pick up the phone to the provider and they’ll make the necessary repairs or replacements! This even works if the machine completely fails – rather than costing the full price of a new scrubber dryer, you can just swap it out for the same rental fee as always!

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