How can High Pressure Hose Fittings Help My Business?

High pressure hose fittings are a type of hose fitting that includes couplers, valves and flanges, crucial for attaching your hose to its hose assembly and for holding the assembly together – even providing vital functionality in the case of valves and taps! What sets high pressure hose fittings apart, however, is their ability to function at high pressure, like that found in a hydraulic system. Ordinary hose fittings and flanges could lose performance ability or even fail entirely under pressure, so if the hose assembly is going to survive and do its job, special fittings that can deal with the force are required.

What is a High Pressure Hose Fitting?

A high pressure hose fitting, like those available from Proflex Hose, is any kind of hose fitting which has been specially designed to handle high-pressure fluids. This can mean hydraulic fluid in hydraulic systems, but isn’t limited to them – high-pressure hoses carrying a range of fluids, power washers, pneumatics and vehicle components can all require high-pressure fittings to remain functional. Any hose assembly where the pressure is greater than normal will need a hose fitting able to deal with the force, or able to concentrate pressure where necessary.

This can mean couplers which link hoses together or connect hoses to the rest of the assembly, valves to control and direct the flow of high-pressure liquid, taps to vent the fluid where necessary, switches, splitters, and flanges which allow a hose to connect to an assembly or another pipe as securely as possible, which is vital under pressure.

The primary difference between high pressure hose fittings and conventional fittings isn’t one of form, however – all the fittings described above are available in conventional pressure fittings as well. The main difference between them is, perhaps unsurprisingly, one of pressure capability. High pressure hose fittings are built to handle high-pressure fluids, keeping hoses and hose assemblies together and fluid-tight even under pressures that would cause ordinary hose fittings to fail.

How Can High Pressure Hose Fittings Help My Business?

If your business uses hose assemblies at all – and the odds are good that it does, in some capacity or other – then you should look into the sort of hose fittings that you’ll need to keep your business functional. If the system used operates at any kind of higher pressure, an ordinary coupler or valve might not be enough to maintain performance, and brings the risk of failure with it – a hose assembly which operates at a higher pressure than its connectors are rated for constantly risks damage or failure, and will wear out at a faster rate.

Don’t take the risk – use hose fittings that are rated for the correct pressure. High pressure hose assemblies need high pressure hose fittings!

For more information on the high pressure hose fittings, flanges and valves available from Proflex Hose, you can get in touch with their head office and speak to the experts by using their phone number, 01257 220 010 or visiting their website, linked in this blog post! The hose experts there have decades of experience in their fields, and they’ll be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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