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Free Employee Time Tracking

TimeSheetsPlus is a state of the art mobile app intended to replace both archaic paper time sheets and long and frustrating hours spent working with spreadsheet programs. Determining an employees salary based on hours logged in is of a course a long and complex process, but this new evolution of time Free Employee Time Tracking systems allows businesses to do so quickly and efficiently. Even better, the system eliminates most of the difficulties associated with making payroll, such as handling complex software, recording information on paper time cards and spending hours on end calculating exactly how much each employee made for the pay period based on the hours they actually worked.

Old methods of tracking time and calculating payroll are finally a thing of the past with this technology, which utilizes technologies most managers and workers are more than familiar with in order to take in the simple data of the hours an employee worked and in real time calculate how much an employee made in that pay period. This automatic system eliminates many of the problems associated with time tracking mistakes, such as the costs in time and money and stress and aggravation associated with undoing the mistakes before the next pay period begins and things get even worse.

Employee Time Tracking

Even better, TimeSheetsPlus includes high technology tools to allow managers to discern all manner of complex data from time sheets. This process, once an incredibly long and drawn out process that few business owners had the time or patience for, can now be done automatically in the time it takes to order a cup of coffee. Functions such as ROI calculators and data graph generation allows you to unearth inefficiencies among your workforce, find out when your business’ productivity is at its highest and prepare for payroll periods well in advance of your current pay period, allowing you to make decisions focused more on long term profit rather than short term frustrations.

Of course, while this all sounds amazing, many business owners may be concerned that they will not be able to use this piece of software. However, Open API systems enable businesses using the software to customize the system to their exact specifications. The software’s makers will work with your company’s developers to come up with a system that is custom made for your business rather than taking a one size fits all approach. Further, the software’s tech team knows technology and their software extremely well and can answer any question about the software in terms any business owner can easily understand.

The system is among the best for tracking the time your employees spend working. Further, the system even allows employees to log in their time sheets from their own smart phones if they have the software as well. And, with TimeSheetsPlus’ tracking technologies, time spent working can be easily verified. Further, the software can be synced to your company’s payroll service with little to no effort, making it unnecessary to change payroll services you’re already familiar and comfortable with. Finally, mistakes, whether intentional or accidental, are noticed far, far more quickly then they would with traditional time sheets.