Find the Legitimate Car Donation in New York Organization- Receive Tax Write-off

Thinking about donating your old used car to a charity? If so, it is a great opportunity to be part of a noble mission. Car donation act allows you to take part in an enterprise which is primarily conceived to help the poor community and improve the living standards of the children in need. Moreover, you can enjoy tax deduction benefit that comes with the donation. However, a few questions might cross your mind. May be, you are thinking which charity organization is legitimate. Of course, it is important to know if the charitable organization you want to donate your car to is qualified. Be assured that the charity is not out there to get your car for selfish monetary gain. Also check out if you will be able to receive a tax break.

In the era of newer connectivity, it is no longer difficult to find a reputable charity organization. A number of organizations such as churches, mosques, synagogues and temples are involved in charity. However, opting for the one that receives car for charity would be the right decision. Be sure to check the tax exemption status of the charity.

Legitimate Car Donation

Many national as well as local organizations are involved in car donations New York. However, it would be apt to opt for local organization to donate your car to. They will send their representatives to pick up your used car for free. If you wish, you can also drive the car to the charity after all arrangements are made.

Now when it comes to legitimacy, it is important to choose the right charity that is running their operation legally. There are many car donation programs or organizations out there that are involved in scams. They are simply out their to take your car for selfish monetary gain. So beware of them. You will never have what you are entitled for in terms of documentation for your income tax return.

However, you reserve the right to ask the charity straightway if they are registered 501(c)3 charity or other qualified religious organization. If possible, check out the proof in black and white. Be sure to verify that they legally accept your car and you legally receive the tax write-off. Religious organizations don’t require to be registered however.

Be sure to check if there are any donation intermediaries or so called vendors. These third party companies publish advertisement to get you to donate your car to them and they take a good chunk of the profit. They are normally hired by the charities to handle their car donation in New York. It could as much as 50% or more. Check out if the charity uses an intermediary. Going with charity without such intermediary means the profit would go directly to the charity.

Some charities charge a vehicle pick up fee. However, it is seen most legal charities generally provide this service without charging a fee. Additionally, if you want to donate the car of course, there will be no fee. So be assured to ask if there is a towing fee.

Moreover, you do have every right to know where the charity would go or how they will be used. For the most part, the reputable car donation agencies choose to sell the vehicle at a public auction. Suppose you have donated an auto. The agency would work around to get as many people as possible to bid on it as possible. As the  general rule holds, the more bidders will take part, the more chances for higher bids. Thus the proceeds collected from such bidding will be used by the charity to raise fund for the underprivileged children. Hence, your donated car would fetch a lot more with more people willing to buy it. Normally charity agency assures the bidders by declaring that the car is being sold for. With such assurance, they will be more interested to bid far more than the original market value of the car. All they want is assist the charity. Your car is then put to the best use possible.

New York has a plethora of charities that receive donated cars to raise fund for the kids. They promote better communities through hope in future. They organize car donation charity program throughout the year and invite old unwanted cars, irrespective of the condition and function. All these non-profit organizations work relentlessly to help troubled children in need of guidance. This charity also offers tax deduction benefit to encourage the prospective donors into car donation. They run campaigns throughout the year explaining the importance and benefit of car donation in order to help keep the kids on a steady track to success. However, you will have a so many to choose from. So, don’t waste time. Go and find a place to donate autos to help the children in need. They really need your love and care to shine in life.

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