Credit Score Building Strategy without Using Credit Cards

There is a strong belief that you can build your credit faster using a credit card. But yet, there is a controversial belief in such way you can also destroy it fast.

This is a clear reason for people who choose to avoid credit cards. Due to a recent survey more than a half of reviewed millennials don’t rely on credit cards at all. For most people this is a good choice, because for them a credit card is like a drug.

For these who have such financial problems, there are definite financial solutions without credit cards usage. For example, there is an opportunity to deal with best UK loan companies to get monetary assistance, instead of relying on a credit card. The other important thing people need to take care about is a credit score. Despite the common belief, it can be built not just with credit card usage. Learn the next techniques and create a good credit score not touching credit cards.

Credit Cards

Cover Your Student Loan

Most students graduate with a great amount of student debt. While this is a depressing fact, you can benefit from it. Consider this as an appropriate way for building your payment history. At most cases young adults have no payment history, so they respectively can’t have a high credit score. So covering a student loan you can make financial basis for improving your score.

The clue idea is to create a good repayment plan and stick to it. Make regular payments, and your credit reports will be full of good information increasing your credit score.

Take a Car Loan

The same strategy you can follow, when covering your car loan. In such case it is also essential to make on-time regular payments. As the data about your repayment process is reported to all credit bureaus. Thus good and long repayment history creates you a good credit score.

In case you are a young adult in the beginning of your financial life, you may need definite financial support. Most banks will demand co-signers to secure the loan given to young borrower with no payment history. Often parents take such responsibility to help their children begin their payment history.

Cover Regular Bills

You definitely know that covering your utility bills regularly, you get no remarks in your payment history. However, when you miss some payments or make a late payment, such situation is reported and influences your credit history. The reason is simple, as in such case you owe money. But this is still quite unfair.

But yet, you can benefit from your regular on-time payments. The only possibility is to ask your landlord to report about your responsible attitude to covering bills. In such way credit bureaus will note your payment history, but with no impact on your credit score. Also, pay attention that you are required to pay some cash to your landlord for extra concern.

Such ways to show your credit worthiness come along with the other types of borrowing. You may apply for a mortgage or a home equity loan, etc., making regular repayments and building your payment history. It is the obvious idea that you are required to have borrowing experience to get a possibility to apply for financial assistance in the future. Thus it is essential to take care of your credit score. Modern life is built on this score that characterize you almost at any financial organization. So make sure you control it.